BCIT Projects

BCIT Tourism Management Diploma: Year One

MKTG 1102: Essentials of Marketing

Dockside Green Case StudyZeus Textiles Case StudyRim vs. Apple Case Study

MKTG 2202: Introduction to Marketing Communications

RBC/BMO Case StudyCoca-Cola Anniversary ReportCoca-Cola Anniversary Presentation

BUSA 2100: Principles of Management

Vancity and Envision Case Study

BSYS 1000: Business Information Systems

“Like a Boss” BCIT Information Video

BCIT Tourism Management Diploma: Year Two

MKTG 3306: Business Planning Principles

Pacific National Exhibition Business Plan

MKTG 3309: Marketing Research

Secondary Research Project

BCIT Business Administration: Year Three

BUSA 5200: Business Society and Ethics

Biofuels Case StudyOpen Media Interview

ORGB 5600: Implementing Strategical Change

Barrick Gold Case Study

ORGB 6800: Strategic Management

Chinese Fireworks Industry Case StudyCurrie Road Construction Case StudyLoblaws Case Study

OPMT 5740: Integrated MIS

Evolution of WANUtilizing Social Media in Modern BusinessZara IT for Fast Fashion

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