Get To Know Your Neighbour Campaign

Branded graphic design campaign featuring Sure North Road Copy Center

When I joined the Burnaby North Road BIA team, one of my first initiatives was to create a way to humanize the businesses. Consumers prefer to buy from people who they know. I wanted to use graphic design to help put faces to the businesses so that customers would automatically feel as if they knew the owners. I pitched “Get To Know Your Neighbour” to the Executive Director and she loved the idea.

I created a list of questions that we sent out to all of the association’s members. We wanted to get to know the people behind the brands. The questions ranged from personal history to what makes the business special. I also included questions related to the area. Since the organization is focused on promoting local businesses, I wanted to know which local businesses were used by the featured owners.

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The graphic design concept comes from the existing logo for the BIA. The logo is comprised of the name in a deep blue, varsity font next to a olive green, stylized tree . I believe that branding is important. I had the freedom to do what I wanted, but it was a priority for me to create a design that was cohesive and matched the existing brand.

The layout of each of the graphics was modified slightly to help differentiate each version, but the core design elements remained consistent. Unique icons were chosen to highlight the questions and answers of the featured owner. I also tried to include a unique or quirky fact that would make the owner more relatable.

Since the design of each “Get To Know Your Neighbour” graphic was meant to be featured on a blog, it wasn’t automatically converted for social media. Quotes from the graphics were made into their own images to share on social media channels, linking back to the original graphic.

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